Paul Duane Film Retrospective: Best Before Death

Thursday 31st October 5.30pm in Classic Cinema Listowel 
Best Before Death
(2019) 1hr 33min

23 years ago, Bill Drummond ceased activities as part of the enormously successful pop group The KLF. Since 2014 he’s been on a World Tour, travelling the world with his show – The 25 Paintings – visiting a different city each year.Paul Duane shadowed Bill Drummond for three years before starting this film in order to achieve some level of understanding about what he’s at. Best Before Death is named after Drummond’s belief that the World Tour, scheduled to end when he’s 72, is a race against his own mortality.

Paul Duane Film Retrospective: Very Extremely Dangerous

Friday 1st November 3pm at St John’s Theatre
Very Extremely Dangerous (2012) 1hr25mins

This documentary follows Jerry McGill, the last American outlaw. At 70 years old, staring death in the face and with three jail terms behind him, he gets one last chance at musical immortality. Will he take it, or will he go out in a blaze of guns, police, drugs and ragged glory?

Paul Duane Film Retrospective: What Time Is Death?

Saturday 2nd November 3pm at St John’s Theatre:
What Time Is Death? (2019) 1hr 22mins
*Screening followed by interview with Paul Duane by Jeremy Murphy*

In 2017 Bill Drummond & Jimmy Cauty, formerly The KLF, returned after 23 years of silence – but they were no longer a pop group. They were now undertakers, planning to build a monument, the People’s Pyramid, out of 34,952 bricks made from the remains of dead people. Their previous most famous action was in 1994, when they burned one million pounds of their earnings in a disused boathouse on a Scottish island after being one of the UK’s most successful early 90s pop acts.

Paul Duane Film Retrospective: While You Live, Shine

Saturday 2nd November 8pm at St John’s Theatre:
While You Live, Shine (2018) 1hr 20mins

American musicologist Chris King is legendary in his field. His collection of and passion for old 78 records is inspiring, as is his ability to use modern technology to unlock their sonic secrets. But his discovery of the music of Epirus in northern Greece was to transform King’s life, and the raw folk music he believes connects us with our most ancient ancestors prompted him to travel to the region. What emerges is some of the most hypnotic and stirring music you’ve never heard.

Paul Duane Film Retrospective: Barbaric Genius

Thursday 31st October 8pm in St John’s Theatre
Barbaric Genius (2011) 72mins

In the early ‘90s, writer John Healy was everywhere – on TV, in the papers, being interviewed, reviewed, profiled. He had many qualities that made him appealing to the media, but the most attractive one was a sense of danger. Barbaric Genius chronicles one man’s journey from violent oblivion, through redemption and acceptance, then back to where he started out. It tells a story about what it’s like to be London-Irish, freakishly talented but cursed with an inability to escape your circumstances.