Festival dates: Thursday 31st October, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd November

Listowel native Paul Gerard O’Connor founded the Festival of Light in 2018. With a professional background in lighting for film and TV, Paul’s love of light inspired him to create an arts festival which brings together artists working in various artforms to light up the town of Listowel, Co. Kerry. The main highlight of the festival is Paul’s Forest of Light – which transforms the Garden of Europe into a fantastical light and soundscape. Community engagement is a key driving factor for the festival. Artists play a critical role in enabling the public to connect and reflect upon themselves, their community, their role in society – so many factors which often become buried in the fast moving ever changing world in which we live today. The majority of artworks will be in public spaces – enabling a truly individual experience. The festival is run voluntarily and receives no operational funding at present.

Strong communities require inspiration and creativity.